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Need to temporarily remove furniture and other household items from your home for renovations or repairs? We have the perfect solution for you.

    ▪    Don't rent a storage unit where you would have to rent a truck and load and unload it twice.

    ▪    We'll deliver your very own storage unit to you. You never have to rent or drive a truck, and you only have to load it and unload it once.

    ▪    We'll pick it up when you're done.

    ▪    In the meantime, keep it on your property or store it in our secure warehouse; it's up to you.

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Know where you want to put your storage container, but not sure if you should put something underneath it? 

Whenever AZ Containers sell a container to a person who will use it for storage, the person buying it typically asks "what kind of site prep is necessary"? 

We recommend :

  • Placing the container on 6 x 6 timbers.
  • Placing the container on a bed of Crushed Stone.
  • Placing it directly on Asphalt. (You may want to place the corners with 2 x 10 wood planks to the corners of the container doesn’t sink into the asphalt during periods of high temperatures.)


The only thing to be concerned about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth, and firm. The truck and trailer weigh over 30,000 lb., a concrete pad, asphalt paving or other sturdy surface is preferred and most drivers will not drive off of a road or paved surface. If you need an off road delivery it is best to discuss the road condition in advance. In considering the resting location for a container Asphalt, gravel, grass, earth, concrete surfaces are all acceptable. The container is self-supporting at the four corners. Therefore, on soft unstable surfaces we recommend each corner casting to be supported with a concrete footing, railroad ties, asphalt or a bed of gravel to spread the weight. This is also very important for container doors to operate smoothly.

We recommend to keep them out of the wet mud and dirt as I believe they will last longer.

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Creative architects have latched on to the idea of recycling steel shipping containers to save on construction costs. While it's certainly cheaper, this isn't just some exercise in odd-looking green building, but an honest attempt to create stylish homes out of the ubiquitous steel boxes. In its simplest form, like this rendition, the container house is just a single box with all the necessary essentials for living crammed inside, but things get much, much more complex.

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When we modify high cube containers, we have some advantages. We have a greater space to work with which allows more to be done. See here for an example.

High cube containers were designed and are used for shipping and storing bulk in volume, lightweight materials or products e.g. clothing or linens. Because of the extra 1 foot in height, products could be stored that were too high for the standard height containers.

The external height of 9 ft 6 inches then leaves 8 ft 9 inches internally. 

So 'gooseneck' containers were developed so that most of the container could have the added height.

You have more storage space for the same footprint.

So how could you take advantage of this benefit?

Used storage containers make great offices, storage containers, barns, small shops, kitchens, meeting rooms, school rooms to name a few of the uses to which they have been put.

One of the uses has been to use as a security guard hut.

A window to give extra light with bars and a strong door was used. Plug points, flooring, lighting, extra ventilation which can be closed or the option of an air conditioner.

The extra height was used as storage space for equipment and staff personal items. If storage cupboards similar to those used on airplanes is used then the floor space can be used to greater advantage. Finished in the colors of the company it gives a professional greeting at the entrance to business. 

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Shipping containers for sale can come in a variety of conditions.  Generally speaking, containers are either used, refurbished, or new.  Used containers can vary greatly.  ‘As is’ boxes are not usually wind and watertight, or there could be something functionally wrong with them.  Examples of the issues often seen with ‘as is’ containers are holes in the floor or soft spots, extensive rust, broken gaskets, doors that do not open or close, and holes in the roof.  These containers are great for people that do not necessarily need a perfect container.

Many used containers are in wind and watertight condition.  This means that there are no holes in the container so water can get in and that it protects the goods inside from the wind.  Because used containers can vary greatly, it is important to really look at these boxes.  Make sure you do the following when checking out a used container:

1.) Open up the doors, and try to close them again.

Sometimes doors or hinges can sustain damage from being bumped into by vehicles or other containers during shipping.

2.) Walk around the container to inspect any rust spots.

If there are any large dents, they will probably turn into large rust spots eventually. No used container will be perfect, but by thoroughly inspecting the container, you will know what you are purchasing.

3.) Inspect any internal flooring.

Many containers have wood flooring, either plywood or particleboard, and you should check for rotting wood, or even potential mold problems.

New or ‘One-Trip’ containers are in the best shape.  They will have minimal dents and very little rust. A container can never be purchased new and never used.  These units are built in Asia and are shipped to America, hence the ‘one-trip’ notation.  If you are worried about the way a container will look or if you don’t want to do any maintenance work on the unit, a new container might be the best option.

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Let us convert a storage container to fit your unique requirements. Our knowledgeable staff at AZ Containers, Inc. has years experience with custom container modifications to assist you from start to finish.


Select from the categories to learn more about the custom modification we offer. Our modification abilities are not limited to the products and options mentioned but we are able to convert a storage container to your specs.

As always, our container specialists are available to speak with you directly. Feel free to give us a call today. We are happy to work with you one on one to discuss the right container modifications for you.

From the simplest to the most elaborate project…we can and will meet your needs!

    ▪    Secure On-Site Storage

    ▪    Temporary or Permanent

    ▪    Weatherproof Storage


AZ Containers can deliver storage containers on-site to special events through out Phoenix and Flagstaff. Our secure storage containers offer wind and water tight storage for your valuables and products. If you are selling goods at a flee market or local fair or if you are part of a bigger event in Arizona,  a storage container from AZ Container is the perfect solution. Rent a Storage Container for temporary storage, or purchase a storage container today for use as a permanent storage solution at any location. AZ will deliver what and where you need it.

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If you search the internet, there are numerous places that sell containers. You can even go on eBay and bid on a container. Other businesses have one page websites that have generic photos of containers to purchase.  There are many issues that pop up when purchasing from these types of businesses. They will not send you a photo of the actual container that you are purchasing, just a representation. Many times this will cause quite an issue when the container you receive looks nothing like the container you thought you were receiving. And if this happens, there is probably no way that a customer would get a refund or any time of explanation. If you purchase shipping containers from a reputable company like AZ CONTAINERS in Phoenix, you can go to their location and see the containers in person. This includes opening and inspecting the container, and ultimately choosing the exact container you want to purchase.

Sometimes you will see in a classified advertisement, someone selling a container. This might sound like a great idea but then you will have to think about delivery options. If you have a flatbed trailer, you might have to rent a fork lift or crane to load and unload the container. This can be very costly. Contacting a trucking company that has a tilt bed trailer, which can self-load and unload, can also be costly. When you purchase shipping containers from a reputable company, delivery is an option. AZ CONTAINERS will have their own fleet of trucks that are designed for delivering containers with drivers that know exactly how to load and unload a container. Also, they should be able to deliver sooner and more efficiently than putting delivery together yourself.

Buying a container from a classified ad might sound like a great deal because the price is too good to be true. However, the seller is more than likely only going to accept cash. This can be tough for some people. To purchase shipping container from a reputable company like AZ CONTAINERS can me more payment options. These companies might accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards. Using a check or credit card adds security and ease for both the buyer and the seller.

When you purchase shipping containers from a reputable company like AZ CONTAINERS, you can expect knowledgeable staff. Experienced staff can help you find exactly the container that you need for your application in your budget. Additionally, reputable companies can give you tips and advice on how to maintain your container for many years. If you purchase from an untrustworthy source, they probably do not have the expertise to answer all your questions about the containers.

With so many avenues to purchase a shipping container, it is always best to buy from a reputable company. The benefits from purchasing shipping containers from a reputable company include containers to see in person, delivery options, varied payment options, and knowledgeable staff. You know that when you buy from a reputable company like AZ CONTAINERS, your container is exactly what you need for your project or commercial or residential need.

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One of the greatest advantages to using a shipping container as a storage shed is cost per square foot.  It is much cheaper. 

The greatest advantage to using shipping containers as storage sheds is that they are better constructed.  They are constructed of 14 gauge Corten steel. Corten steel is a steel alloy that when left unpainted will weather to a stable patina for several years.  


Containers, however are painted with a high quality industrial paint that will protect the Corten steel. The entire underside of a container is sprayed from the factory with undercoating similar to automobile undercoating.  This greatly increases a container’s ability to resist rot from the bottom.  As for sheds, unless you’re purchasing a costly vinyl shed, you will have to ensure that there is a fresh coat of paint  on your wooden shed every few years otherwise the wood may split, crack, or worse yet, rot. By comparison a new container, if left untouched, could easily sit for 10 to 15 years before needing any maintenance.

Containers are strong and built to last.  So strong that they are built to withstand the weight of six fully loaded containers stacked on top of them with 62,000 lbs in each!  That’s the equivalent of 372,000 lbs.  Their floors are made of one inch thick treated marine grade plywood with “C” channel cross members. They will hold much more weight than the average person will ever store in them. It’s satisfying to know that you can safely store lawn mowers, quads, wood splitters, tractors, mini excavators, and other heavy equipment safely in a container.

Sheds are extremely difficult to keep mice out of.  It’s been proven that mice can sneak into a hole as small as ¼” in diameter.  Mice seek out sheds to make nests in to survive winter often settling in the engine compartment of a lawn tractor.  Additionally they have a habit of nibbling on electrical wires of power equipment.  This could result in expensive repair bills as well as down time due to equipment being in the repair shop.  Containers are mouse proof. The doors of a container are double gasketed forming an extremely tight weather, insect, and mouse proof seal.  

Containers have on average, more interior height than a shed of similar size.  Often an 8’ x 20’ shed will have a wall height of around 6’ 3” where a container will have a minimum interior wall height of 7’ 9” which will allow you to store equipment overhead.  A “high cube” container gives you an additional foot of interior height giving you 8’ 9” of head room.  This makes high cube containers perfect for storing small to medium sized tractors that have roll bars attached. In addition to interior height the doors of a container are much larger than the doors of a shed.  The door opening of a standard height 20’ container opens up to 7’ 8” wide by 7’ 5” high. This allows you to store much larger items such as cars, small trucks, UTV’s, ATV’s, and tractors.

Regarding site preparation, containers need very little.  So long as the ground is fairly level, you can place the container down right on bare dirt, asphalt, concrete, or crushed stone. If placing your container on bare dirt or in the woods, it is recommended that you place a pressure treated 6’ x 6’ x 8’ timber across the front and back of the container.   This prevents the container from making contact with the ground thereby extending its life and alleviating some maintenance down the road.  These can easily be purchased at any lumberyard or home improvement store. Another alternative is to create a bed of crushed stone for the container to sit on which would allow the water under it to drain. This allows the container to sit at ground level thereby creating less of a step up into it.

The delivery of a storage container is simple when compared to that of a shed as it does not require specialized equipment such as an articulating trailer.  Any flat bed wrecker capable of moving cars can easily move a container.  Setting up a container generally takes less than 10 minutes and is a one person job.  Setting up a traditional wooden shed is a much more involved process often requiring more than one person which potentially will cost more money.  If you’re having your shed built on site, it could take days for the builder to complete the project.  What’s more, when you move someday, you can easily take your container with you as it’s just as easy to load and transport as it is to offload and set up.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to storage containers is that they are much more secure than sheds.  The 14 gauge steel they are constructed of will keep out even the most tenacious of thieves.  In short, power tools are necessary to break into a container whereby a crowbar and hammer will get you into most any shed within a matter of seconds.  If people see you rolling your $25,000 Harley Davidson into a shed it will be an easy target for thieves.  Not so for containers…

If you need a dry, secure, rodent, and insect proof shed in a hurry and at an affordable price...a storage container is the perfect solution.  

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Time was that trading in storage containers was straight forward.  Like many, we came into the business from the freight industry, knowing our way around containers and where we could buy the from when the shipping lines were finished with them.  It was all nice and straight forward.  Shipping lines bought lots of containers every year to use for cargo and they depreciated them every year until they had a low book value then when they arrived somewhere where there was a demand - they sold them.  There was a small market for secure site storage.  Then of course, people started making things with them, like anti-vandal cabins and later on self-storage using shipping containers came along.  In the meantime, the quality of containers increased dramatically and the storage and site services users demanded higher quality and there were some manufacturers that were only too happy to oblige and manufactured containers. The upshot is that there is a real mix of containers in the storage and site services market and those in the container resale business have to keep a sharp eye on how things are changing.

We now buy containers from shipping lines and manufacturers as well as buying them back from customers and also buying from auction sites. Types of containers have changed and expanded too.  As well as the 20ft, we can get up to the 48ft., reefers, half-heights, open tops, refrigerated, flatracks and others.

If your interested in a container for a project like this or something similar, contact AZ Containers at 877-292-6937 to see how the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or workspace with windows, they’ll have your solution on it’s way to you fast.


We aim to provide our customers with a personal, fast and efficient service, which will offer a hassle free solution to any storage problem. More importantly, there are no hidden costs when purchasing  or leasing storage containers from us.