9 points for you to consider and look for when buying or renting a storage container.

Our customers at AZ Containers in Phoenix and Flagstaff area, whether they are familiar or unfamiliar with shipping containers, want to know what to look for when buying or renting a storage container.  Storage containers that are available for purchase from AZ Containers at both of our yards come in many different sizes and conditions. The standard sizes are 20’ and 40’ and are either used or new storage containers. Here are the things we at AZ Containers would suggest to look for when considering the purchase of a storage container:

1. Is the  storage container wind and water tight? (Check for deep rust spots or areas that have daylight showing through.)

2. Are the storage container floors in good shape?  (Check for rotting or repairs.)

3. Do the storage container doors and latch gear work well? (Check for deep rust at the bottom of the doors.)

4. Is the storage container roof flat or are there dents where water may collect and rust through?

5. Is the storage container color and appearance pleasing to you? (Painting is offered by AZ Containers which will make the box look like new.)

6. Do you have a spot picked to place the storage container after you purchases? (Containers can sit directly on the ground or you may want to purchase something like railroad ties or concrete blocks to place it on.)

7. Will the storage container fit your needs or will you need custom modifications done? (Doors, windows, insulation, see our complete list of Modifications to customize your unit to be suitable to your needs.)

8. Will the company move the storage container for you in the future? (For a fee we will move it from one location to another.)

9.     Does the company you are purchasing from offer a guarantee? (Example: Some offer a 2 week money back guarantee.)

Contact AZ Containers at 602-723-9608 to see how the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or workspace with windows, they’ll have your solution on it’s way to you fast.

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