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 Rent to Own options vary and can start with the equivalent of one or two low monthly payments and approved rental application. You can return your container at any time without penalty. Visit our Phoenix location or call us 602 723 9608 for more information. Easy, secure solutions. Universal storage and utility. Storage during construction or […]

Steel storage containers construction.

Steel storage containers are made with 8- or 14-gauge corrugated steel from top to bottom including the walls, doors, and roof. All corners and edges are connected with an elastic sealing compound to protect the structure and its contents from weather, fire, and vermin. The containers also feature one-inch thick floors made of marine grade […]

Self Storage Facilities.

When renting a storage unit from a self storage facility you will want to visit the storage facility to check out the facility itself, the sizes and prices of each unit. You will pay a monthly fee to rent the amount of space you deem is needed to properly fit all of your belongings you […]

Choosing the right storage container vendor.

The portable storage container industry consists of both large and small companies that resell units from wholesalers, leasing companies, and industry associations. The vendors may deal exclusively in storage containers or offer them alongside other purchases such as office trailers or prefabricated construction. While it doesn’t matter what size vendor you work with, there are […]

Characteristics and fitness for container transport. ELECTRONICS

Examples of electronic/electrical appliances are • household appliances (“white goods”) • home entertainment equipment (“brown goods”) • office equipment/communications equipment • computers/computer peripherals, photocopiers, air conditioners • precision mechanical/optical equipment (e.g. microscopes, cameras, enlargers) Such appliances are manufactured and transported and stored all over the world. Electronic/electrical appliances contain no water; however, the packaging material […]

Modified Containers the way you want.

Modified containers are very popular and an excellent choice. Most mobile storage companies offer modified units and will work with you on the best container for your needs. Although painting containers is always a good idea some modifications have negative aspects. Popular “roll up doors” for example are not as secure and do not last […]

Advantages associated with newer “one trip” containers.

Factory Paint. These containers are manufactured, and painted in a controlled environment using multiple layer paint application. There are advantages of this process over the typical container refurbishment. These units are not old containers made to look newer. They are exactly what they look like, new containers. Refurbished containers can have rust issues under the […]