The portable storage container industry consists of both large and small companies that resell units from wholesalers, leasing companies, and industry associations. The vendors may deal exclusively in storage containers or offer them alongside other purchases such as office trailers or prefabricated construction.

While it doesn’t matter what size vendor you work with, there are certain attributes to look for before making a purchase.

The most important point to consider is proximity. Some delivery charges are based on distance, and it’s the most competitive aspect of the industry. Therefore, it’s beneficial to find vendors close to your location. Az Container has 2 yards in the state, covering the Phoenix area and the Flagstaff region of the state.  If possible, select one within 25 to 75 miles of your location as pricing can become prohibitive beyond that.

Working with a local vendor like AZ Container also offers a great opportunity to check out the vendor’s inventory in person. By taking a tour of the facilities, you get a better feel for how they work than you would by ordering through a catalog or over the phone.

Of course, proximity shouldn’t be your only concern. Your vendor should be very knowledgeable about the industry. Like AZ Container, they’ve been in business for a long time, which is usually a sign that they know how to keep their customers happy.

If you need help selecting from several vendors, you can narrow the decision process by asking each vendor for a list of references. AZ Container will supply you with references in businesses similar to yours to find out how the vendors addressed their storage needs. Be sure to ask such questions as:

• Did you have budget concerns that the vendor helped you with?

• Did you require any add-ons such as ramps, shelves, or a lockbox?

• What was the condition of the container(s) you received?

• How much additional cleaning/prep did you need to do to make it ready?

• Did you receive any unexpected charges during the billing process?

• How long did it take to get your container?

• If you had any problems, was the vendor quick to address them?

• Would you work with this vendor again?

For further information regarding our storage containers for rental or sales, Contact AZ Containers at 602-723-9608 to see how the most basic steel box to a customized, climate controlled storage or workspace with windows, they’ll have your solution on it’s way to you fast.

We aim to provide our customers with a personal, fast and efficient service, which will offer a hassle free solution to any storage problem. More importantly, there are no hidden costs when purchasing  or leasing storage containers from us.