Modifications…in a word, yes!

Here are some of the more common modifications customers order from us to increase your container’s functionality:

8×20 with 10ft slider

Air Conditioner Brackets

Add a few outlets for your tack room or create the perfect ambiance for your Pop Up Shop.   Our electrical and lighting packages range from minimalist to ornate.


Electrical Panel

Interior Lighting

Insulation is KEY in Arizona’s temperamental climate. It helps protect your belongings from harsh weather conditions and maintains a consistent temperature year round.  We offer everything from conventional roll in insulation to ultimate open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation.

Heating, cooling, and ventilation options help regulate the temperature.  We provide 110 or 220 volt through wall heating and air conditioning units, 220 volt mini split heating and air conditioning units.

AC Unit Installed

Turbine Vent

10×10 Air Vent

Insulated Office Container Front

Fireproof steel strongboxes provide increased protection for the container’s contents. Alarm system: For additional security, a monitored alarm system can alert authorities to a potential break-in.

Steel Door Window with Lock Box

Lock Box

Sliding Door with Lock Box

Window with Optional Security Bars

Mini-Warehouse Exterior

Mini-Warehouse Joined Containers

Mini-Warehouse 640 Sf at a Fraction of Stick Build Cost

Storage containers are typically available in neutral factory colors like beige or gray. If the container is going to be in a highly visible location or you just want a cleaner looking esthetic, you may want to have it painted in custom colors or even with your corporate logos.

Custom Paint

Create easier access to your unit by installing a roll up garage door. We install 6′, 8′, 10′ and 12′ doors in a wide variety of colors.

Roll Up Doors- Interior View

Roll Up Doors

Roll Up Side Door

American made adjustable shelves can help you organize your contents or even display items in a store .

Side Cargo Doors

Skylight Outside

Interior Skylight

Separate the storage container into sections to create compartments for different uses (example: storage in one part, retail or office space in the other.)

Turbine and louver vents allow air flow into the container to reduce heat and humidity.

Turbine Vent

AC Unit Installed

10×10 Air Vent

We can install any kind of window to add natural light to your container; from our standard 3′ x 3′ double pane energy efficient vinyl window with or without security bars to any sized customized picture windows.

Don’t see the modification your looking for? Don’t worry, we can do it. Simply contact our sales staff.