Sales units…from standard to highly customized.

Our units for sale come in the following sizes, all available with complete customizations. Click to Enlarge Images.



AZ Containers has a full variety of new and used units available for personal or business use in many sizes. Come pick out your container in person and see the benefits.

  • Guaranteed wind and water tight. We inspect every unit before delivery.
  • In-Stock! Come pick out your unit in person.
  • Strong, secure and attractive.
  • Standard and high-cube.
  • Customizable. If you can dream it, we can built it.
  • We deliver 6 days a week.
  • Best rates available in the state.

The bottom line?

Our units are strong, secure and attractive enough for any residential or commercial need. Each unit is fully inspected and serviced prior to delivery to ensure years of trouble free service.

Uses are as varied as the businesses we serve.

No matter what kind of business you run, AZ Containers has the right container solution. Tell us your commercial applications, and we’ll have you set up on-site fast.

How other businesses use our containers.
Extra External Offices, Commercial Retail Extra Storage, Government Agencies Extra Storage, Academia Sporting Storage, Commercial/Residential Construction On-Site Storage, City and State Government Agency Storage. We deliver security. All of our steel containers come equipped with secure lock boxes.
Custom Sizes are available with Modifications.

SALES size containers

8×40 with 2×6 ft roll up doors in the side
8x20ft office unit


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Office units: Workspaces to go.

AZ Containers offers standard 8×20 mobile office units for rent. Use them for sales and administration, general contractors, special events management, home offices – you name it.  And you can count on our office units to arrive clean, well-maintained and ready to go to work.

All of our mobile office units are fully insulated with A/C and heating, have two large 3×2 windows with security bars installed, durable vinyl flooring, fluorescent lighting, and electrical outlets on all walls.

Unlike many of our competitors’ mobile office units, ours include functional cargo doors in addition to the standard entrance. The cargo doors are ideal for moving larger items in or out.

We deliver security. All of our office rental units come equipped with security bars on all windows and security lock boxes on all doors.