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While this isn’t exactly a single home, the construction process is similar and there are still many lessons which we can learn from this project!

Broadmeadow is designed and owned Marengo Structures. This megastructure was built with 27 containers, is Four stories high, and contains 6 apartments.

There is no one liner that I can answer with. The key word in your shipping container home question is HOME/HOUSE.

Building with shipping containers can be challenging and the aggravation is still the same as traditional construction, however the costs are reduced.

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Way back in 2008 the owner had the idea to build a shipping container home. It wasn’t until 2009 when things got serious and they purchased a plot of land just outside of Christchurch, New Zealand.

The home was built using three 40 foot and one 20 foot container and even has enough room for his office when he works from home!

The owners comment on the construction was,  to be honest I don’t really have one thing I wish I knew about shipping containers before I started. I did lot of research before I was convinced I want to do this.

My advice would be to do as much research as possible before the start of the project. It’s all about preparation.

There isn’t a silver bullet approach to research. I guess the more you know and learn about shipping container homes before you start making decisions will help you to fail less. But again, there isn’t a silver bullet approach to this. Failures along the way are inevitable.

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You might have seen in the news, this shipping container home which was built, the home cost around $200,000 USD to build and was completed back in 2012.

The family spent two years building the home, working in the evenings and weekends.

The completed container home contains one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen, office and living area. The owners enjoyed up-cycling the containers, it was less about the price for me.

The largest ticket item was actually the pool ($25k).

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A New Yorker, wanted a small country house. She got in touch with an architect who designed a small but spacious shipping container home.

The home is built into the hillside to take advantage of the natural terrain. Two 40 foot containers are spread 4 foot apart to create around 800 square foot of open plan living!

The two larger containers are propped up using a 20 foot container which is used for storage. My house was started way ahead of the curve in 2009 – so there was a lot that was unknown. 

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“What’s the one thing you wish you’d known before you built your shipping container home?”

The responses are in and it’s time to learn the most important things you need to know before you build your shipping container home…

Why make the same mistakes twice?

Top 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know:

1    How to purchase the correct shipping containers

2    The importance of building regulations and planning

3    Finding a contractor with previous experience

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Shipping containers plastered in stark graphic branding are stacked in a Jenga-like configuration within a steel frame at the Hive-Inn, a concept hotel by OVA Studio. Individual units can easily be moved in and out for a constantly-changing design, with one-of-a-kind hotel suites traveling from one place to another.

Each container gets a unique interior design created by a brand, whether a luxury fashion house like Louis Vuitton, a tech company like Samsung or a celebrity like Lady Gaga. The advertiser’s branding is also painted on the exterior, creating an experience that immerses the occupants in the sponsor’s chosen visuals.

While some people aren’t crazy about feeling like ads are being force-fed to them, it’s not hard to imagine die-hard fans of companies like, say, Ferrari, jumping at the chance to stay in one of these rooms.

OVA envisions the containers being leased to individuals or companies who need temporary space, used not just as hotel rooms but also offices or retail stores. The containers plug into a grid system with a service core and slots for small terraces.

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The only big obstacle that he encountered during construction of his shipping container pad was making sure that the components passed all of the strict guidelines of the Uniform Building Code (UBC).

In other parts of the world, places like Odessa, Ukraine already have the the biggest shopping mall in all of Europe which uses stacked shipping containers to form alleys throughout the 170 acre site. In Asia, the Dordoy Bazaar in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan is almost entirely composed of empty shipping containers stacked two high and chock-full of inexpensive trinkets and toys. So, in other words, shipping container architecture is nothing new, but it is new when it comes to residential and office applications.


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While many intermodal freight crate transformations turn steel boxes into comfortable spaces, this project goes a step further both by taking maximum advantage of its material origins while still making the aesthetic result more than the sum of its parts.

Repurposed as an office by and for architect Patrick Bradley, this 45-foot cargo container (re)creation makes use of existing openings on either end and requires as few cuts in the surface of the sides as possible (an energy- and cost-efficient approach). Each of these openings is in turn taken advantage of, in one case to create an entry sequence and, at the other end, to facilitate a lovely little balcony extension.

In the end, there is little about the project that screams ‘shipping container’ at first glance, yet the overall shape and structural advantages of that core element are maintained and utilized throughout – a brilliant blend of old and new.

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Storage container architecture is one of the biggest (relatively) new things in building these days. With the low cost, environmentally friendliness, and availability of the materials, it’s no wonder that more and more architects are getting turned on to the possibilities of shipping containers. They’re perfect for more than just building houses; they are also the ideal material for low-cost communal and emergency housing. For dorms, urban apartments, jails and emergency shelters, shipping containers provide an ideal jumping-off point. We’ve already seen some of the most incredible single-family shipping container homes out there; now here’s a look at some of the best group housing solutions using steel storage containers. 

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Cargo container communities have been springing up all across China’s manufacturing centers, beginning with port cities where surplus shipping containers are cheap and abundant. The success of these converted containers as cheap housing has resulted in cities located inland to import the containers and build housing complexes with them. A perfect example is Chengdu, a city of about 11 million that is the capital of Sichuan province in Southwest China.

Lured by lower land costs and much-improved infrastructure, companies are setting up shop in Chengdu and migrant workers are answering the call for laborers. Generally, male migrants work in construction while females are hired to work in factories requiring repetitive small-scale assembly and piecework. The hours are long, the pay is low, and housing is at a premium… bring in the container apartments!

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