In the next couple of years, the British forces have $4 Billiion of equipment deployed and – as you can imagine – managing the repatriation of that equipment will be a very significant logistical challenge.? In all military withdrawals a lot of equipment is left behind but the challenge is to minimize this.? In modern military campaigns the shipping container plays a significant part.?Camp Bastion is the size of Reading and the number of shipping containers stuffed with stores and used as accommodation at that location and throughout Afghanistan will be mind boggling – lets guess – 10,000(?) for the UK forces alone.? Many will be left in situ and will not only be a monument and legacy of the campaign but will also prove extremely useful to the local population.? Many will return to the UK and be ?demobbed? and find their way back into the used container market.? The military deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan impacted on the availability of shipping turning into storage containers in the UK and when they return there will also be an impact.

Shipping container in modern shipping and transportation began with their use for deploying equipment for the Viet Nam war in the 1960?s of what became a global revolution in freight transportation.

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