Shipping Container Multi Purpose Facility ? Guimar?es, Portugal

A real estate business and project manager from Guimar?es, Portugal has put together this clever recycled multiple use shipping container project at his family?s country estate ? Quinta da Cancela 1720.

Five years ago, he took over the management of Estate, and undertook a number of initiatives that included the restoration of a 1720?s farmhouse, the further development of their rural tourism project and of course producing wine. It soon became evident that the Estate would need more storage, so an idea that had incubated for Arthur for over 10 years came to fruition.

His original idea was to construct a shipping container building that was to act as a storage warehouse. However the project evolved, and the building was to become a multifunctional facility; that would support activities by their swimming pool, to act as an studio for rent, to have a semi-industrial kitchen, and to serve as a dinner-party lounge for up to 40-50 people.

Constructed of 2 x 40 ft High Cube shipping container and 2 half?s of a 40 ft High Cube shipping container this container project came together with the use of local subcontractors, who?

? Poured the concrete foundations

? Placed the containers on site

? Cut up and welding in the frame for windows and the roof

? Waterproofed the roof

? Installed the Aluminum Windows.

? Included with in the design was the use of?

? Double Glass Large windows

? 10 sheets of glass for the windows that were reclaimed from a measurement error on another construction site

? Roof insulation and finishing done with expanded clay balls

? Site placement in perennial tree-shaded area meaning that winter sun ?soaks up? and summer

? Recycled Shipping Containers

? It took Arthur just seven days to construct this 90m2 building, with an estimated time line of?

? 1 day for foundation carpentry and iron;

? ? day for pouring concrete

? ? day for placement of containers

? 1 day for cutting windows and welding roof edges

? 1 day for waterproofing membrane on roof

? 1 day for windows placement.

? ? day to lay the geotextile layer, concrete slabs surrounding the roof and spreading the expanded clay.

? 1 day for painting


The budget to date is around 10,000?. With the interior?fit out?still to complete, we look forward to seeing?Arthur?s?finished structure.

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