Examples of electronic/electrical appliances are

• household appliances (“white goods”)

• home entertainment equipment (“brown goods”)

• office equipment/communications equipment

• computers/computer peripherals, photocopiers, air conditioners

• precision mechanical/optical equipment (e.g. microscopes, cameras, enlargers)

Such appliances are manufactured and transported and stored all over the world. Electronic/electrical appliances contain no water; however, the packaging material made from corrugated board or wood having water content, the recommended upper limits for which should be complied with. These are accordingly goods which require particular humidity/moisture and possibly ventilation conditions. Electronic/electrical appliances are goods which are at risk of corrosion and tend to suffer corrosion at relative humidities of 40%. In order to ensure that this hazard threshold is not exceeded, the packaging for the appliances must be container dry. 

Such goods are stored in standard containers, subject to compliance with limits for water content of packaging and container floor.

 Undamaged, dry containers must be used for storage. 


Electronic/electrical appliances are extremely valuable, consumer-oriented goods which are consequently at considerable risk of theft. As a result, such equipment are not only of interest to opportunist thieves, but are increasingly attracting local vandalism. It is not unusual for entire container loads to be taken. 

Product names and appliance details printed on packaging increase opportunist theft and such details should accordingly remain neutral or covered and use a personal manifest with numbers, so only you are aware of the storage contents.  

In the case of theft, packaging units are often cleverly manipulated. Before goods are packed into the container, it should therefore be checked that the packaging is still in its original state. Providing that circumstances permit, the containers should be stowed with the doors of adjacent containers facing towards each other.

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