AZ offers the great boxes, as great climate controlled space.

Do you have heat sensitive items that you need to store??Don’t let the hot weather stop you; just let AZ Container? help. Our AZ Container A/C Boxes are the same as our regular boxes:?same dimensions, same durability, same security, same convenience. The only difference is the containers come with insulation?and air conditioning so you control the temperature.?How cool is that?

Our climate controlled portable storage containers are insulated ISO containers and are equipped with a Heat/Cool Air Conditioner.? You can run either 110V power or 220V power to power the unit.?The AZ Container A/C Box is designed to create climate controlled storage and maintain room temperature.

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Standard containers and require no foundations or structural assembly.?They are wind and water-tight to protect your things from the elements. AZ Containers Boxes are extremely durable because they are built with:

▪?? ?1″ foil-backed rigid foam insulation (3R rated) attached to interior walls

▪?? ?Air conditioning, heating, lighting, and electrical systems

▪?? ?16 gauge vertically corrugated galvanized steel

▪?? ?Double, asymmetrical steel doors with ground-level entry

▪?? ?Heavy-duty, marine-grade wood flooring

▪?? ?Die-stamped steel roof

▪?? ?Wind and water tight

We know your things, even your perishable things,?are important to you. We’ll help keep them safe and cool while they’re stored until you’re ready to use them.
For additional information regarding our storage containers for rental or sales, contact AZ Containers at 602-723-9608.

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