Factory Paint.

These containers are manufactured, and painted in a controlled environment using multiple layer paint application. There are advantages of this process over the typical container refurbishment. These units are not old containers made to look newer. They are exactly what they look like, new containers. Refurbished containers can have rust issues under the paint. There are often rusty deteriorated steel containers with the rust simply painted over. Chances are you will also receive a container that was sprayed outdoors with water based paint which will only last a shorter amount of time then the factory paint. Not all refurbished units are bad containers. If the rust is ground off and the container is primered where the steel is exposed, you will not have issues with your refurbished container. Selecting a new container will take the guess work out of this completely.

No shipping label.

These containers are not painted bright colors with a shipping label company advertisement on them. They are typically solid one color and do not need to be repainted.

No let down and no surprises.

These containers are considered “like new” and you will not be surprised or have to worry about the condition your container(s) will be when they arrive at your location.