How long do you plan on needing the container(s)? – This is a very important question because all major container rental companies have customers who rent containers for years and then do not understand why they do not own the container(s). Rental rates are structured as such that the rent does not apply towards the purchase of the container. Rental rates are very competitive and companies often lose money on delivery and pickup charges with the intention of making up for this loss in rental fees. The bottom line is that if you need the container for a few years or permanently you will be much better off purchasing a container.

Is your location adequate to host your container? – This is a very important question because there are requirements involved.

  1. Delivery space: Proper delivery space is required in order for the delivery of the container to be possible. As a general rule of thumb you will need twice the length of the container plus 10 feet in a straight line to deliver the container with a standard tilt bed “roll off” style truck bed or trailer. Adequate clearance and width is also required but the amount of length is typically the issue that tends to be a problem at delivery. It is very common for people to assume that because they have 40 ft of space they can accommodate a 40ft container.

b) Restrictions: Certain sub developments, cities and counties have restrictions against containers. It is normally up to you to research this fact. Most container companies cover multiple cities and areas and you cannot expect them to keep track of all municipal restrictions in multiple areas.

c) Location: The container needs to be in a good location. Is the location level? If not the doors may not function properly. If you plan to put your container in a location that is not level be prepared at delivery with wood blocks to assist the delivery driver in leveling the container. Adequate drainage? The areas should also have adequate drainage to avoid sinking.

What type of container condition are you expecting? In the container market there are good deals and there are really bad deals and everything in between. Good deals will most likely be a great container for a good price. If you come across a deal that is “too good to be true”, like in most other cases, it probably is. Make sure you are very clear with the company you choose; what you are expecting condition wise, what you plan to use the container for, and what you are expecting to pay total including tax and delivery. Container Alliance has done the work to choose trustworthy companies that are interested in your expectations, as a consumer it is your responsibility to tell them what you expect and what your needs are so the proper container can be selected for you. It is important to allow the experts to assist you in your purchase process.

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