Many people mistakenly think that residential storage containers are only useful for those who are moving. On the contrary, storage units can be used year-round and come in handy when you least expect it. All homeowners alike can agree?there?s always a need for more room.

Here are 3 unique storage container uses you probably didn?t think of.

Outdoor Furniture Storage

In order to increase the lifetime of your outdoor furniture, it?s recommended that it be stored away during parts of the year and protected from harsher weather. While Phoenix storage containers may not have to protect your furniture from the snow, Monsoon season can wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture, and our scorching summer heat can have damaging effects as well. Let your outdoor furniture last by investing in a storage container.

Nursery Furniture Storage

Having a baby is an exciting time. Parents are often filled with joy as they decorate their nursery with cribs, dressers, play pens, and more. Eventually though, that newborn will grow out of the nursery furniture in their room. Parents who plan to have more children are often reluctant to sell or give their nursery furniture away, and rightfully so. With a storage container, you can keep your nursery furniture safe and out of sight until another baby comes along. This investment saves you more money than you think.

Home Remodeling Storage

Remodeling your home always seems like a great idea until you?re halfway through your first paint job and asking yourself, ?Where do I put my stuff while this dries?? Instead of turning your home into a complex obstacle course, place your furniture in a storage container rental. Your furniture will remain paint, scratch, and dent-free while you work on your dream home. Once you?re done, just return the container.

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