When we modify high cube containers, we have some advantages. We have a greater space to work with which allows more to be done. See here for an example.

High cube containers were designed and are used for shipping and storing bulk in volume, lightweight materials or products e.g. clothing or linens. Because of the extra 1 foot in height, products could be stored that were too high for the standard height containers.

The external height of 9 ft 6 inches then leaves 8 ft 9 inches internally.

So ‘gooseneck’ containers were developed so that most of the container could have the added height.

You have more storage space for the same footprint.

So how could you take advantage of this benefit?

Used storage containers make great offices, storage containers, barns, small shops, kitchens, meeting rooms, school rooms to name a few of the uses to which they have been put.

One of the uses has been to use as a security guard hut.

A window to give extra light with bars and a strong door was used. Plug points, flooring, lighting, extra ventilation which can be closed or the option of an air conditioner.

The extra height was used as storage space for equipment and staff personal items. If storage cupboards similar to those used on airplanes is used then the floor space can be used to greater advantage. Finished in the colors of the company it gives a professional greeting at the entrance to business.
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