Based on three primary themes: Healthy, Simple, Efficient. This Architect wants the design to inspire residents to live without toxic materials, consume less overall, and use resources wisely. This compact urban home design would allow the home to be inserted into small, otherwise-wasted lots while still providing a decent amount of living space for residents. The staggered design of the two containers allows for increased upper-floor area as well as an interesting visual effect. The product would do equally well on its own or in a larger community full of similar units.

The Cure for Construction Sites: Portable Storage Containers

Construction work can be characterized by two qualities: hefty and temporary. Avoid worrying about the safety of your equipment and buy or rent a storage containers. A conex container will keep your equipment organized, accessible, and most of all, secure. Also, consider an office container for your construction site for a mobile, air-conditioned spot to take care of business.

Here?s why shipping containers make the perfect storage solution for construction sites.

Construction projects can last days, weeks, months, or years?time spans that vary job-to-job. This means you?ll need a structure ready for the challenges presented by long-term outdoor exposure.

With the heavy nature of construction tools and equipment, and you?ve got a match made in heaven with shipping containers. Their original purpose was to transport goods across the ocean via freight ship, so these boxes have proven resilience. Durability is not just beneficial; it?s necessary, and shipping containers are the best structures out there for the job.


The temporal nature of construction work also demands easy movability. Especially with construction projects, it?s much more convenient to relocate equipment when its provisional home has the ability to come along. Despite their large size, shipping containers can still be moved by truck, giving them the ability to mover anywhere that you do or your project does. And as long as the container is cargo-worthy. Combined with great sturdiness that makes your container suitable for a variety of weather conditions, mobility means that this storage solution will stay standing wherever you go.


The ability to keep your equipment directly on-site where you need to access it makes getting your items a breeze, and our modifications can make things even easier. Every container comes with two convenient cargo doors on one side, and can also be modified with an extra set, as well as walk-through doors, roll-up doors, or sliding doors to increase expediency of access. Within the container, you can apply some of our to further organize and improve access. For example, our stable shelving systems make items visible when you walk in, making them easy to grab. See our modification section on our web site:


It?s difficult to find a way to store heavy equipment in a way that keeps it safe with the ability to move, but buying or leasing a shipping container is a way to avoid building something more permanent but guaranteeing the kind of safety that a traditional building would allow for. Our portable storage containers are built to keep equipment away from not only weather, but also thieves and vandals. And since this structure can also be moved from place-to-place when your team does, you really can?t lose.


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AZ CONTAINERS Construction Storage

AZ Containers can be found on-site at several Arizona construction sites. Our secure storage containers offer wind and water tight storage for your tools, materials and the home owners valuables. If your projects need extra storage space or temporary storage during construction a storage container from AZ Container is the perfect solution. Rent a Storage Container for temporary storage on your construction site, or purchase a storage container today for use as a permanent storage solution for your business.

Some of the uses to keep in mind are:

?? ?▪? Secure On-Site Storage

?? ?▪? Temporary or Permanent

?? ?▪? Weatherproof Storage

?? ?▪? Equipment Storage

?? ?▪? On-Site Workspace

?? ?▪? Materials Storage

?? ?▪? Tool Storage

?? ?▪? Homeowners Goods

?? ?▪? Renovations

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