a word, yes!

Here are some of the more common modifications customers order from us to increase your container's functionality:

Paint: Storage containers are typically available in neutral factory colors like beige or gray. If the container is going to be in a highly visible location, you may want to have it painted in custom colors or even with your corporate logos.

Lockbox: Fireproof steel strongboxes provide increased protection for the container's contents.
Alarm system: For additional security, a monitored alarm system can alert authorities to a potential break-in.

Shelving: Adjustable shelves help you organize your contents.
Man doors (side doors): These additional doors are built on the side of the container to allow people to enter at the middle of the unit, instead of just the end. They can also provide access between two adjacent containers.

Ramps: Angled foldable walkways allow you to easily wheel hand carts into the unit.    

Ventilation: Wind turbine and louver vents allow air flow into the container to reduce humidity.

Partitions: Separate the storage container into sections to create compartments for different uses (example: storage in one part, office space in the other.)

Additional insulation: Protects your belongings in harsh weather conditions and contains heat and cool air year-round.

HVAC: Provides heating, ventilation and/or cooling to regulate temperature.

Refrigeration: Electronically refrigerated containers (known as "reefers") can store perishable items.
Although some businesses use storage containers as office space, complete with electricity, plumbing, and Internet access, they're not the best choice for long-term use. Unless you only need the office space for a few weeks, you're probably better off with an office trailer.

Don’t see the modification your looking for? Don’t worry, we can do it. Simply contact our sales staff.

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