Storage container additional tips.

You get what you pay for. Although storage containers can get expensive, don't skimp on quality just to save a few dollars. You may be able to buy an “as is” model for a few hundred dollars, but the container may have rust, sealant cracks, and other problems that can damage your contents. The additional money you pay for a quality container is a small price to pay to avoid problems later on.

Born on dates. Much like a vehicle, each container is furnished with a unique vehicle identification number (VIN) plate that indicates how old the unit is. This allows buyers of used containers to learn the precise age of the container.

Space considerations.
For a 20' storage container, you need at least 75 feet of clearance for delivery, installation, and to maneuver in and out of the container. You need at least 100 feet of clearance for 40' units.

Safety first. Drivers typically won't deliver to areas where they have concerns for their own safety, or if they feel they may inadvertently cause property damage they would be responsible for.

Learn more about containers.
For additional information about the storage container industry and to research best practices, check out industry association web sites like the National Portable Storage Association.